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Termite control
Termite control
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Bed bug
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Mosquito control
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Roaches control
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Even 400 million years ago, termites lived on earth and are considered one of the most ancient inhabitants of the planet, imagine there were no dinosaurs at that time and who did not survive to our time.
Living in closed colonies, their appearance practically did not change and simple cockroaches are considered the closest relatives of termites, although we often equate them with ants, which are their strongest enemies.

Termite family

Depending on the habitat and which caste the insect belongs to, the appearance of termites varies from 4mm to 1.5 cm, and the body consists of two main parts: a large head and an elongated body with a blunt end.
The colony is divided into workers who build, dig, obtain water and food, feed the female and soldiers, take care of the larvae performing the most difficult work and, due to being underground, have very weak eyesight, or they often do not have it at all.



Next, they are followed by soldiers who are responsible for guarding the colony, so they have a larger body and head with huge jaws for defense, but because of them they cannot feed on their own and they have to be fed with special nutritional balls that the workers prepare for them and bring them to mouth.



queen termite
The family is headed by a queen and a king. The king does not differ much from the soldier, only a little more in body, thus the queen can reach up to 10-12 cm in length, similar to a large larva. The main task is the reproduction of the colony. In the first years, a young couple produces from 1700-3000 larvae per day, and when the family grows, a female for 5 years can lay up to 40,000 thousand larvae. Therefore, it is very important the earlier you find a colony, the easier it is to get rid of it.

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Subterranean termites

Termites are divided into xylophages and humusophages. Humusophages feed on humus, i.e. humus, and xylophages feed on wood. They not only bring harm but benefit to the ecosystem by recycling waste such as dead wood, faeces and plants to fertilize the soil for farmers and gardeners.

In the esophagus of termites, the simplest microbes, protists, flagellate, live, which process cellulose and feed them, but not all termites have them, they are poorly developed or even absent in soldiers and the uterus.

Workers excreted from the anus or mouth nutrients and mouth-to-mouth feeding. For millions of years, termites have learned to create gardens where mushrooms are grown in their feces and are constantly fertilized and watered as mushrooms have a lot of useful protein.

Termite control from $220
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Termites in house

Termites are estimated to cause $ 5 billion in property damage every year across the United States. It’s important to understand protecting your home before the signs of termites show up – one of the surest ways to save money and keep your family safe when it comes to these little destructive insects.

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