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The problem of the presence of mice and rats in the house can be equally relevant both for private estates and city apartments. Sometimes these unwanted neighbors can cause great damage to the home and its inhabitants, being carriers of numerous diseases that are dangerous to humans. Timely detection and early expulsion of rodents is of great sanitary and epidemiological importance.

Alarming signals.

Rodents are most actively trying to penetrate human housing in the cold season and in conditions of lack of food. They enter houses through cracks in the walls (for example, mice are able to crawl through a hole with a diameter of a pencil!), Ventilation pipes and shafts, garbage chutes. They are also capable of making their own moves, gnawing them even in hard plastic. The following is a list of signs that indicate the presence of these restless tenants in the house:
1. Teeth marks on wooden interior elements, food products, torn packages;
2. The characteristic “mouse” stench in the room. With rat infestation, it is accompanied by the smell of urine, with which the animal marks the territory;
3. Droppings – oblong, dark faeces that rodents leave on their routes of movement. Mouse droppings are much smaller than rat droppings and therefore are not immediately detected;
4. Pieces of gray wool, garbage that animals use to build their nests;
5. Unusual noises, noticeably intensifying at night;
Mice, due to their small size, sneak into houses much more often than rats. If the rat is more likely to settle in a spacious country house, then the mice are able to “take over” the apartment. Rats are natural competitors of mice, so they cannot get along in one area.


Control methods.

The behavior of mice and rats is very similar, but some aspects of their life are still different. So, mice prefer not to move away from their habitats in search of food, while rats move freely everywhere. This fact must be taken into account when tracking animals and setting traps and baits.
The methods for getting rid of mice and rats are almost identical. They are divided into three groups:
1. Poisonous bait. Poisonous substances used to kill rodents disrupt liver or kidney function, or cause massive bleeding. Usually the animal dies after several meals – many of these formulations have a cumulative effect.
2. Traps and traps. Today, both traditional mousetraps and electronic models are in use. The latter option has established itself as more reliable and humane, and therefore is more popular among the population. In an electronic trap, an animal instantly dies from an electric shock. In order for the pest to become more interested in the trap, some delicacy is placed there: a crust of bread, a little cereal or a dog biscuit.
3. Deterrent agents. Rats and mice are equally abhorrent to ultrasound. This method is harmless to humans and large pets. However, when using an ultrasonic transmitter, one has to take into account the area of ​​the room where it will work and the size of the rodent colony. In some cases, it is recommended to install several devices at once.

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The classic method

of getting rid of mice and rats is to get a cat. Even if she doesn’t catch all the pests, her scent will surely scare them away. If for some reason the appearance of a cat in the house is unacceptable, then you can use the essential oils of plants with a pungent smell, for example, mint. For this, a few drops of oil are applied to pieces of cotton wool, which are then placed in the alleged places of activity of the colony.
When using any of the named means, care must be taken so that children or pets do not suffer from it!
As a rule, getting rid of mice is faster. The point is, mice are extremely curious. They are happy to study new objects and, as a result, are more likely to eat poison or fall into a trap, which cannot be said about rats, which tend to be very careful.
It is important to remember that trapping pests by hand is dangerous because both rats and mice in a moment of danger can show a lot of aggression and begin to attack the offender themselves.

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It is much easier to prevent an invasion of rodents than to get rid of animals that have already entered the house.
Usually, the settling of pests into the house occurs at the end of autumn and winter. As a rule, the first and uppermost floors are attacked first, which means that attention is paid to them first. First of all, you should block access to the home for uninvited guests. If there are damages in the walls or floors, even the smallest ones, they must be repaired, and special grilles must be installed on the open ventilation pipes.
It is important not to neglect the rules of hygiene. Overflowing trash cans, leftovers and dirty dishes are excellent food sources for pests, and clumps of trash serve as nests for mice and rats.
The colony cannot survive without water, so all leaking taps and joints of water pipes should be repaired immediately.
Regular observance of these rules will help you to forget about the problem of rodents in your home forever.

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