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Cockroaches appear more often in apartments than in private houses. You can find out about their appearance by the dark spots of vital activity on the wallpaper and furniture, the insects themselves usually crawl out at night, and during the day they prefer to hide in dark places, behind furniture, etc. It is necessary to take measures to combat them as soon as the fact of their presence was discovered. Cockroaches reproduce very quickly and are difficult to hatch.
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Reasons for the appearance of cockroaches

There may be several reasons:

1. Neighbors. If insects have lived with neighbors for a long time, they could move through the cracks to other apartments, especially if cockroaches were poisoned behind the wall. This is a fairly common reason for their appearance in an apartment. But in this case, only a collective fight against insects makes sense, it is useless to fight them only in your apartment.
2. Garbage chute. If the apartment is located near the garbage chute, then cockroaches can get over from there. The garbage chute is an ideal place to spread cockroaches.
3. Moving. You can bring cockroaches yourself from a business trip or a visit. It is important to notice their appearance in time, then it will be easy to take out the insects.
4. Mail. Another way of the appearance of pests is through a parcel or a parcel post. The necessary sterility is not always observed at the post office and in transport, so the parcels must be carefully checked.


Why is the appearance of cockroaches dangerous?

Cockroaches pose a serious threat to people, as they are carriers of various diseases, including they can carry the eggs of parasites, which, getting into the conditions of an apartment, can infect people. In addition, some develop allergies to the waste products of cockroaches, as well as rhinitis, conjunctivitis and other allergic reactions. Among other things, a large number of insects in an apartment can lead to the appearance of a persistent unpleasant odor, which is not harmful to health, but very unpleasant.

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Cockroach control methods

As soon as the fact of the presence of cockroaches in the apartment is established, it is necessary to take measures to combat them. The most convenient and popular pest control methods are as follows.

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This method is considered one of the most reliable, and the choice of funds is quite large – from budget to expensive professional. Most of the funds are designed to re-process the premises after some time. It is important that the substances contained in aerosols can be toxic, therefore, after processing the room, it is best to leave it for several hours.


This substance has a scent attractive to insects and acts as a bait. The gel is used to treat plinths, corners, hard-to-reach places where insects can settle. The action of the gel lasts for several months, since it destroys only adult insects, it needs re-treatment.


These are special devices that act in a similar way, attracting cockroaches to themselves. One insect, having become infected with poison, infects all the cockroaches around, even those that did not come close to the device. There is also another type of trap that emits ultrasonic waves. This radiation has a negative effect on the body of cockroaches, interfering with their reproduction and life.


Powders based on boric acid and fenvalerate are a reliable method of controlling such pests. They need to be scattered in corners and dark places, the effect of the substance lasts for several months.
You also need to regularly carry out wet cleaning, you can ventilate or, conversely, warm up the room, since pests do not like too high and too low temperatures.

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Preventive measures

As already mentioned, it is quite difficult to defeat cockroaches. It is much easier to prevent them from appearing. To do this, you need to constantly wet clean, tightly pack all products, do not leave dirty dishes, crumbs and food debris in the sink and in the kitchen, and regularly take out and wash the trash can.

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