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Termite control
Termite control
Price: from $220
Bed bug
Bed bug
Price: from $250
Mosquito control
Mosquito control
Price: from $250
Price: from $180
Roaches control
Roaches control
Price: from $150
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Studying ancient manuscripts that were found by archaeologists, we see that humanity has been fighting pests since ancient times and used different methods.
from getting rid of them.
They perfectly understood that these insects, small at first glance (flies, mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, and so on) carry a huge danger to people, as they are carriers of various diseases that in the history of mankind developed into a pandemic of a huge scale claiming millions of lives, destroying entire cities.

Modern pest control maine

In our modern world, thanks to scientific developments in medicine, we have learned to fight diseases that are spread by pests, preventing them from developing into a pandemic.
But nature every time throws us a new challenge, mutating viruses and creating new diseases and its carriers for us with more serious consequences, for example, mosquito bites can infect us:
• Culex ー meningitis;
• Culiseta ー tularemia;
• Aedes ー Zika virus, yellow fever, dengue fever;
• Anopheles ー malaria.

Termite control from $220
Bed bug from $250
Mosquito control from $250
Rodents from $180
Roaches control from $150

Bird pest control near me

Among other things, not only insects are carriers of parasites, but also they are all our beloved birds, who have chosen places of residence for the purpose of easy extraction of food, which we leave unattended trash cans or often feed them ourselves due to our kindness.
These are the wild pigeons. They are considered a sanitary source of problems. Pigeons on their wings and paws carry such parasites as fleas, bedbugs, bed mites and dangerous diseases such as salmonellosis, encephalitis, psittacosis, histoplasmosis, candidiasis, chlamydia, coccidiosis, tuberculosis, etc.
These diseases are carried by the wind, raising infected manure dust from their habitats, tree branches under your window, cornices, attics, balconies and terraces.
Such neighbors are not easy to drive away, they will fly back to their favorite place, and only experienced specialists, without causing harm, can make them understand that they are not desirable guests near your house or grain storage warehouse.

Biological methods of pest control

Over the past century, humanity has made a huge leap in its technological development in the use of chemicals to get rid of pests while protecting their homes, fields and gardens.
And at one point it seemed that the victory over pests was already very close, but the chemicals destroyed not only harmful insects, but also useful ones that naturally fed on pests, and animals and birds died, which, in search of food, began to settle close to people bringing accordingly, we are inconvenient and our diseases and viruses (bears, raccoons, foxes, birds, and so on).

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Many modern pest control organizations have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to use biological methods of disposal, returning pests to their natural environment, where they return to their food chain according to the rules of nature, where birds eat insects and they do not have to seek food from people, this is the only way we will protect nature without polluting it, returning the natural processes taking place in it.

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