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Mosquito control methods.

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Termite control
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Mosquito control
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The mosquito has become a real enemy of mankind for thousands of years, it drives mankind crazy with its buzzing sound, and also leaves painful consequences after the bite. The subtle ringing squeak of the insect can be heard through any noise, and you already frantically look for this monster with your eyes.

For many people such a situation has become customary, but there are a lot of means against mosquitoes, allowing to temporarily protect yourself. They are suitable not only for individual protection, but also for the installation of a barrier in open areas (in the garden or in the country house). If you are interested in how to kill mosquitoes on your own plot – we have selected the most effective methods of combating mosquitoes, which will definitely help you get rid of them for a long time. But first, let’s get to know them better.

The most favorable breeding conditions for mosquitoes provide basements of high-rise buildings with leaking pipes, underground utility tunnels. From there, most of the bloodsucking insects get into apartments in search of prey. In buildings, specialists start looking for breeding grounds for treatment against mosquitoes from basements.

Varieties and peculiarities of the use of means against mosquitoes in the house and on the property.

Initially, you need to understand – it is simply impossible to eliminate all the individuals on the plot, especially for a long period, so it is worth picking the most effective solution at the moment. The number of larvae counts in thousands, even after the treatment of the site, after a few weeks you can have mosquitoes again, but with them you can fight.

Mosquito control methods:

– Repellents are the simplest and most ineffective method of personal protection, which is temporary in nature. These means are suitable only for personal use, and most often they are taken with you on trips, work trips, walks. Applied directly on the skin in the form of a spray or cream, and protect not only from mosquitoes but also from other insects.

– Traps

are a clever and quite effective option for eliminating many insects, including mosquitoes. They are also means of local action, and are a passive variant of extermination, because they require initiative from the mosquitoes themselves. Traps are designed as a container with an aromatic compound (yeast, sugar, water) that lures the insects to fly into the trap. They are made from ordinary plastic bottles and are safe for humans.

– Sticky tape

– this invention is also designed to combat insects of all kinds, including mosquitoes, and has proven itself well for decades. Sticky tape is also a trap in the form of a special tape coated with a sticky scented compound that fixes the insect firmly in place once it lands.

Mosquito control prices.

Termite control from $220
Bed bug from $250
Mosquito control from $250
Rodents from $180
Roaches control from $150

– Ultraviolet lamps

– light sources are great for luring insects, you have undoubtedly noticed this when you are outside in the evening near a light fixture turned on. Ultraviolet lamps against mosquitoes is not just a light source, but also an electrical barrier that destroys insects with electrical discharges. Most often used outdoors, and allow you to eliminate pests in gazebos, terraces, tents.

– Fumigators

are an indoor method of protection, used most often while sleeping. Special plates impregnated with an active composition are used as a reagent, which evaporates in the process, destroying insects. Fumigators are effective only for small rooms, and require connection to a household power grid.

– Smoke bombs

and spirals are means of mass extermination of mosquitoes, and other insects due to active release of smoke mixture of active substances that can kill mosquitoes almost on the fly. Both standalone products for personal use and special compositions for professional equipment are available for sale.

– Cold and hot fog

are professional products for disinfestation of closed premises and homesteads. They allow you to effectively fight almost any kind of insects for several months. The composition is sprayed with special equipment and requires chemical protection, self-application is not recommended.

– Bacteria

– used to fight specifically against mosquito larvae in water bodies at the stage of their development. The use of these bacteria can significantly reduce the population of insects, so you will forget about annoying mosquitoes for a long time. But you will still need to use other products to kill the adults.

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Thus, despite the many mosquito repellents, they are not enough to treat an entire area. It is best to use the services of professional exterminators, they will not only qualitatively treat the site, but also establish special chemical barriers, protecting against the penetration of insects into your territory.

Of course, you can buy your own mosquito killers, but the lack of quality equipment and effective protection measures will significantly reduce not only the effectiveness, but also the safety of your health.

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