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Mosquito Control

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Termite control
Termite control
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Bed bug
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Mosquito control
Mosquito control
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Roaches control
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Mosquito abatement

With the arrival of the warm season, unfortunately, certain types of problems begin, which are associated with the appearance of various insects. Mosquitoes can cause a lot of discomfort and cause a lot of trouble for both city dwellers and homeowners.

Blood-sucking mosquitoes are two-winged insects that most often attack a person in a dream and we learn about a bite in the morning from an itchy blister on the skin. The main food for mosquitoes is nectar and sap of plants and flowers; male mosquitoes generally do not bite anyone. Blood is needed only for females to produce and lay eggs, and the more the female drinks blood, the more clutch, for example, one female produces one clutch in 2-3 days, 150 eggs each.
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According to statistics for 2017, mosquitoes turned out to be the most deadly for mankind compared to animals, spiders and poisonous snakes, they turned out to be the best distributors of pathogenic microorganisms that caused the death of more than 650,000 people around the world.

Scientists at Harvard University, in order to reveal the principles of mosquito hunting on humans, conducted an experiment that showed that a person himself emits lactic acid vapors with his body, which are released during sweating, as well as heat and carbon dioxide emitted by a person give strong signals for the landing site on the human body …
Most people use chemicals and folk methods to control annoying insects, which often do not bring long-term effective results.

Get rid of mosquitoes

The pest control service offers citizens a professional service that is guaranteed to get rid of mosquitoes in any territory and in various premises.
Insect pest control is considered a time consuming and complex process that must be carried out by qualified professionals. Most of the drugs bought in ordinary stores will not help solve the problem on their own, since a specific method of destruction must be selected to combat mosquitoes, taking into account the specific characteristics of the territory and the level of their spread.

Termite control from $220
Bed bug from $250
Mosquito control from $250
Rodents from $180
Roaches control from $150

Mosquito control near me

Employees of the organization providing the service are licensed to carry out this type of work and all relevant inventory. Initially, a thorough study of the site is carried out, the true cause of the spread of insects is determined, after which specific methods of exposure are adopted.
There are two ways to control mosquitoes:
– to prevent the appearance of insects in large quantities, the surface of all reservoirs is treated with active biological preparations. The technique helps to destroy mosquito larvae at various stages of development;
– the aerosol method is used to destroy adult insects; modern insecticidal substances are used as a treatment agent. Among the advantages, they highlight the possibility of fog penetration into the most inaccessible places, the process does not take much time, and does not require preliminary preparation.

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Mosquito prevention

By contacting a pest control service that provides professional services for help, you can be guaranteed to get rid of mosquitoes in an apartment, a private house, or a house plot. The company’s specialists use reliable and proven products that do not pose a threat to the environment, do not adversely affect people and pets.

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