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How much does rodent pest control cost.

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Termite control
Termite control
Price: from $220
Bed bug
Bed bug
Price: from $250
Mosquito control
Mosquito control
Price: from $250
Price: from $180
Roaches control
Roaches control
Price: from $150
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Rodent control measures are carried out using various methods: physical, chemical, mechanical, biological. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with each of them to choose the most suitable and effective. You may need to use a whole complex of measures to combat uninvited guests. Despite the fact that residential plots and houses are favorable places for life and reproduction of mice and rats, modern methods allow you to get rid of uninvited guests. If any method didn’t work, there is another one that will. If you follow all precautions, you can quickly and effectively protect yourself from mice and rats.
The control of rodents includes the following ways.

Physical methods of rodent control.

Modern ultrasonic repellers of rats, mice and other rodents have now been developed. To make the work of these repulsors was effective, you must follow the rules of their placement and use:
– devices installed in open space so that the ultrasonic emitter was directed to the rodents’ habitat (in the corner, to the wall), it is not effective to place the repeller behind cabinets, nightstands, drawers, etc.;
– If the room is filled with soft objects, you need to raise the device above the floor with the stand (soft surfaces absorb ultrasound and reduce the effectiveness of the repeller);
– The more often scarecrows are installed in separate rooms, the faster and more positive effect will come.
Remember that ultrasound does not penetrate solid partitions, closed doors and ceilings. Maximum area protected by one repeller is on average 200-400 sq.m. For living premises, storehouses and cellars it is enough. But on a country site one repeller will be ineffective in such a calculation.


– safe for health, without chemistry, humanely. You can hang it up and forget about it.


– you need to know how to install. Works only in one room. You can come across a fake.

Cost of pest control.

Termite control from $220
Bed bug from $250
Mosquito control from $250
Rodents from $180
Roaches control from $150

Chemical rodent control.

This is the most affordable and effective method of rodent control. If you decide to use an industrially produced bait, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for its use. Chemicals for rodent control are recommended to spread if you leave your dacha for the winter. Rodenticidal products that are state-registered and approved for use in the United States are used for rodent control. They are sold at specialized gardening centers or other retail organizations, and are placed in rows of berry bushes, in the vineyard, and near tree roots.

The main thing is that the poison baits get to the “addressee” and are not intercepted by other animals. Therefore, it is better to make safe baits that birds and pets cannot eat. To prepare the bait, you will need: newspaper, poisoned bait, scented oil to attract rodent, plastic bottle of 1-1,5 l. Preparation of the bait: roll up a cube from newspaper, pour into it 1 tbsp. of bait, wrap the cube, add a couple of drops of odorous vegetable oil on the cube, cut the neck of a plastic bottle and put a bag with bait. Such bait will be safe for other animals and suitable for mice and rats.

The baits are placed in the fall before covering heat-loving crops, before the permanent snow cover has fallen. In spring it may be necessary to renew baits if there is high rodent activity. When using poison baits, be aware that rodents will become attuned and refuse to eat the bait afterward. Do not touch the bait with your hands, wear gloves. In the open area around the site, place the bait in natural or artificial shelters (burrows, stumps, crevices, logs, boards).

To ensure long-term preservation, bait should be placed in universal long-lasting barrier devices, such as plastic bottles with cut-off necks, which are placed along fences and walls of buildings. After laying out the bait, gloves should be disposed of and be sure to wash your hands with soap and water.


– cheap, time-tested, kills pests.


– you need to work with poison only with gloves. It is important to carefully follow the instructions, because poisons are life-threatening;
– specific subtleties should also be considered – where to poison, how to poison, how much poison is needed;
– poison baits are often eaten not only by pests, but also by pets and sometimes small children;
– cats and dogs are often poisoned by tasting the dead animals: the concentration of poison in the corpse is quite high;

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Mechanical methods.

Mechanical methods of extermination of rodents The most common way to control rodents is the use of mousetraps. It is quite effective if you need to get rid of several mice. Simply place devices with bait behind furniture, under kitchen cabinets and in places where you find traces of rodents. Check the mousetraps several times a day. Do not forget to take safety precautions, be sure to wear rubber gloves or wrap your hands in a normal bag when in contact with mice.
Stores also offer special glue for rodent control. To make a trap with it, you need to take cardboard and draw a continuous thick line around its perimeter with glue. In the center of a sheet of cardboard to put the bait, place such traps, as well as conventional mousetraps, behind furniture and in places where traces of mice are found. When the mouse is caught, it must be disposed of together with the cardboard. Biological method of rodent control.


proven means, easy to use.


you need to constantly check the performance, prepare the bait, clean up the caught animals. Dangerous for children and pets.

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The biological method of rodent control is the most natural and involves the use of cats, hedgehogs and other animals to exterminate pests. This method works best for mice.
If you are not comfortable with any of the described methods or you do not have time for all of this, you are best to call our rodent control service, our operator will quickly understand your problem and send our experts who will quickly find a suitable method of extermination from rodents for you and qualitatively perform their work.

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