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How do I get rid of roaches permanently?

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How to control roaches at home.

The cockroach is one of the most difficult insects on earth. We have the most common red (Blatella germanica L.), black (Blatta orientalis L.).The dominant species is the red cockroach.The dominant species is the red cockroach. The black cockroach occupies the second place in number and distribution. As a result of occasional importation from different countries, cockroaches of other species are found.

When roaches are abundant, they disperse throughout the building; when they are low, they live in some rooms. Uneven distribution of insects in a building is associated with the presence or absence of favorable conditions for them: optimal temperature, moisture, shelter, food.
roachet control
Cockroaches are active in the evening and at night, and are more difficult to detect during the day; they prefer rooms that are not occupied at night. The insect’s habitat in each building and room is relatively constant. Cockroaches mark their shelters with special odorous substances – pheromones, which attract these insects. The more suitable shelters there are for roaches, the higher the number of insects in each room and building.

As the roach population increases and the shelters become overcrowded, some of the insects move into neighboring rooms. Cockroaches primarily inhabit rooms with optimal conditions for them. At food sites, they can live in most rooms, as they find all the conditions they need there.

The extermination of cockroaches has been carried out for centuries, by a variety of methods and means, but victory is still far away. Although it is possible to arrange a little paradise without insects, if you approach this matter with the proper degree of professionalism.But there is exactly the problem – we observe a strange paradox: people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on buying an apartment, tens of thousands on its repair, thousands on monthly utility payments, but they are sorry to spend an extra dollar on their health and comfort at home. But cockroaches transmit serious illnesses, (dysentery, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, over 40 diseases in total), not to mention the moral discomfort from their presence in your territory.

How to control roaches at home.

There are a lot of preparations against cockroaches. Consider the most well-known of them.


Chemical compounds included in aerosols are so unstable that they often decompose already in a couple of hours after application and do not cause any harm to insects which were not sprayed immediately, i.e. you sprayed your kitchen and left it with a sense of accomplishment and moral satisfaction of the winner. After a couple of hours, “our little friends” have left the secluded corners for the evening exercise and found that the agent with which you so carefully poured your kitchen has evaporated – only those who have inhaled the fumes of this stuff will perish. The rest will have a pleasant time and will depart to their place of permanent residence. Most manufacturers of aerosols use the same 2-3 chemical ingredients (active substances) the only difference is the “promotion” of the brand. So if you treated the apartment spray “A”, and the cockroaches remained, you decide to buy aerosol “B”, but in fact, it could be the same, and then the cockroaches will be even more resistant to this type of compounds. So many chemicals have been poured into apartments and offices lately that it’s now a near impossible task to knock out a cockroach with a conventional product. But if you’re lucky and your “local cockroaches” were susceptible to the aerosol, you can get a situation where they all rush at once from their comfortable places – as in the last battle. And you will have a horrifying picture of the insects falling from the ceiling and walls, and they don’t all die. It’s just a shock to the cockroaches and they run wherever they can. This effect is called provocative, it allows you to assess how infested your home is. You have to have strong nerves, so as not to go into shock.
Let’s not forget about the inevitable smell, and possible allergic reactions to it.

Bait houses

are quite popular means of insect control, no longer have any odor or stain. But even these means have one, but a significant drawback – the cockroach must be lured into the trap-bait. This problem is solved by special additives – attractants, how well they cope with the task can be judged by the number of dead and live specimens in your kitchen. But if there is an alternative source of food in the house – a bread crust that fell somewhere, or any other food remnants that are beyond the reach of the host’s eye – you have lost again, the cockroach will not go into the trap-bait. He’s fine in the nook. Now about the notorious “domino effect” – when one cockroach “infects” up to 40-50 other individuals. First of all, this figure is greatly exaggerated; second, it happens only when the healthy cockroaches eat their dead congeners, receiving the poison which has killed the fellow cockroach and which is only inside the dead cockroach.

How much does it cost for pest control to get rid of roaches.

Termite control from $220
Bed bug from $250
Mosquito control from $250
Rodents from $180
Roaches control from $150


are the most primitive methods of fighting insects, which became widespread only because of the price.But think about it, is it possible to get something of good quality for 10-15 dollars. The crayons are simply soaked in a weak solution of insecticide and act as a pressed powder, the cockroach can run around on them quite calmly until it does not get soaked all over this chalk. The period of after action of such chalks is short enough, 7-10 days.

Sticky “houses”.

In fact, speaking, this is not a means of controlling insects at all, but a means of determining whether you have cockroaches or not. It is a natural trap. Again, it all depends on the quality of the attractant (bait) and glue. There are some very good traps and some bad ones. But they are not able to get rid of insects – this is a fact. Sticky traps are recommended to be used simultaneously with chemical methods of insect control, in places where treatment with chemicals is undesirable or impossible (food storage cabinets, household appliances, etc.).
Now let’s return to the “stone age” of insect control – let’s talk about the powders or powders in various packages (by the way, this is almost all the difference between them – it is in the packaging). Often powders act in a semi-mechanical way – by clogging the cockroach’s spiracles with a fine fraction of grind. In other words, you can successfully use ordinary talc – some of the cockroaches will simply suffocate.
But along with low biological effectiveness, the powders have the most significant disadvantage – they are dusty, form a suspension in the air, and are inhaled by humans and animals, causing allergy or asthma attacks, and some powders containing tiuram, a strong carcinogen, are simply very dangerous to health. Cats and dogs are the worst off, because they breathe the air in the immediate vicinity of the floor where the powder is scattered, and it stays on their paws and fur. And cats, as you know, very often lick their fur, and the poison goes straight to their stomachs. And all this is not pretty – it’s very dirty.

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What is the best pest control company for roaches.

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