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Bed bugs how to identify them in your home.

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It takes a lot of courage to claim that you are dealing with bed bugs. The vast majority of people strongly believe that bed bugs are found where there is dirt, hygiene, and poverty. Thus, recognizing a bed bug problem can be seen as a failure to stay clean and tidy. This is not true. Unlike many other insects such as cockroaches, bed bugs do not feed on leftover food. This means they can show up in even the most thoroughly cleaned areas. So, what attracts them and what do they feed on? A bed bug is one of the human parasites for which our blood is our main food. Once around humans, they pay no attention to the rest of the environment they are in.

1. Where do bed bugs come from in a home?

Bed bugs are often brought into our homes from outside the home. They may have been brought into the home with used clothing or used furniture from the second-hand market. Bed bugs are much less likely to enter through ventilation grills or vents from neighbors. However, it is not impossible. And it also happens that bed bugs have taken root in public transportation buses and we bring them in from there on our clothes.

2. Do bed bugs in your home come from dirt?

Bed bugs, unlike cockroaches, do not come from dirt. Indeed, the growth of bed bug populations can be more dynamic in unhygienic homes. Nevertheless, the lack of cleanliness in a house or apartment is not a cause for concern for the occupants.

3. Do bed bugs bite?

Yes, bed bugs bite because they eat the blood of all warm-blooded animals, including humans. Bed bugs, unlike mosquitoes, usually bite in a single line. Bed bug bites cause much more itching and tingling and turn into larger blisters than after a mosquito bite. A bedbug bite is painful, often we don’t even wake up during the bite. Also, these insects anesthetize the bite site while sucking blood.

4. What parts of the body do bed bugs bite most often?

Bed bugs usually bite where the skin is thinnest. People complain most often about bedbug bites on the inside of their arms and thighs, as well as on the back of their neck and neck.

5. How do I recognize bed bug bites?

Bed bug bites are usually similar to mosquito bites. It is very difficult to distinguish them from other insect bites. Bed bugs bite in a single line, from about 3-4 bites. Before we recognize a bed bug problem, we often confuse it with other insect bites or allergic reactions. Unfortunately, to be 100% sure we have been bitten by a bedbug, we need to find a live specimen of the parasite.

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6. Is it possible to fight bed bugs with home remedies?

Unfortunately, we know from experience that home remedies for bed bugs only temporarily improve the situation. Popular steam devices have too little power to effectively reach nooks and crannies and kill adults and their eggs with high temperatures.
Supermarket products are not effective against bed bugs because the insect is very resistant to the basic biocides they contain. Knowledge, experience, and access to professional insecticides are necessary for 100% bed bug control.

7. Where are bed bugs most likely to hide in an apartment?

House bugs, also known as bed bugs, as the name implies, usually nest in the bed. They want to be as close to the host as possible. The next places where bed bugs are most commonly found are baseboards, shelves above beds, and the surface behind pictures on walls.

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8. Are the chemicals used to control bed bugs safe for allergic children?

Biocides used to control bed bugs are very safe and approved for use, particularly in day care centers and nurseries. However, allergic reactions cannot be ruled out. If you have an allergic child and are concerned about an allergic reaction, let us know before performing the service. You can always try a trial treatment of a small flat area.

9. Is it possible to bring in bed bugs from a hotel?

Yes, absolutely, anyone can bring in bed bugs from a hotel. Various services most often have to deal with bed bugs in the apartments of people who travel a lot and often live in hotels.

10. Will you have to throw away beds or other furniture during bed bug control?

There is usually no need to throw out beds, closets, or furniture from the apartment. Many people buyers, when confronted with this problem, decide to give up furniture mainly for psychological reasons. They no longer want to sleep on beds that have been bedbug-infested.

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11. Can I see a bedbug with the naked eye?

Of course you can see bed bugs with the naked eye. An adult bed bug resembles an apple pit in appearance, size, shape, and color. The bed bug has three pairs of thin folded legs equipped with claws that allow it to effectively attach itself to the material and host by biting and drinking blood. After hatching from their eggs, young bed bugs are transparent and much smaller than adults.

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