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Bed bug in USA

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Bed bugs can quickly and easily settle in an apartment, but getting rid of them is difficult. They feed mainly at night, piercing the skin and drinking blood (the time spent on the host’s skin and drinking blood is about 10 minutes). The bite itself is painless, as there are pain-relieving enzymes in the saliva of these insects. Unpleasant ailments appear later. A bed bug bite manifests itself as reddening of the skin, the appearance of red itchy areas and swelling. In extreme cases, bedbugs can transmit dangerous diseases, especially in large crowds and in densely populated cities.

Where do bed bugs come from?

It is believed that bedbugs appear only in neglected houses and apartments. For this reason, people who spot these little beetles at home are often ashamed to admit it. However, this is not quite true. The bug often appears where a large number of people live, for example, in apartment buildings. Bed bugs can move between houses through pipes and ventilation. They can also be brought home from the outside because they stick easily to clothes, shoes or bags. They can come to the apartment from another infected place where you spend the night, for example, from a hotel.


What do bed bugs look like and how to recognize their presence?

The bug is an insect about 5 mm long. It has a flattened brown-red oval belly. It cannot jump and has no wings, but it can climb walls, pipes and ceilings very well. Bed bug larvae survive without food for 80 to 140 days, and adults can hibernate for up to 500 days (at a fairly low ambient temperature). The following traces may indicate the presence of bedbugs in your home:

– the remains of droppings and eggs on the seams and folds of mattresses;

– blood stains, armor and droppings on bedding;

– small, but non-aggressive insects crawl over the linen.

In addition to beds and sofas, bugs can be found in other dark places, such as bookshelves, walls behind paintings, wardrobes with clothes, and even folds of wallpaper and insides of outlets.

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Bed bugs – ways to fight

Fighting bed bugs is not an easy task, especially when insects have taken root for a long time and there are a lot of them. The sooner you notice that these unwanted insects have appeared in your apartment or house, and the sooner you take appropriate action, the better.

What can you do? First, check everything carefully:

– carefully inspect beds, mattresses, armchairs, sofas and chairs, all nooks and crannies and cracks and hard-to-reach places, as well as other furniture; — remove the upholstery from the underside of the chairs; remove everything from drawers and dressers, as well as the drawers themselves and carefully examine everything;

– check the walls for paintings and mirrors, as well as furniture;

– look at the gaps on the baseboards;

– check the inside of bags, suitcases, and backpacks, and the cabinets in which you store them.


 What’s next?

Here are some suggestions:

– thoroughly wash everything in the apartment – bedbug eggs can be anywhere;

– wash clothes, blankets and bedding – if possible, at the highest possible temperature, place something that cannot be washed in the freezer for a dozen or so days (for example, stuffed animals);

– thoroughly vacuum the entire apartment, not missing a single crack;

– it may be necessary to disassemble furniture and remove frames from the bed;

– wipe thoroughly with a brush and warm soapy water. This will remove previously laid eggs.

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Good to know!

When vacuuming, use only sealed bags. After cleaning, be sure to put the bags and bags in thick hard foil, wrap everything tightly and take it from home. And also special preparations have been developed to combat bedbugs, which help to effectively get rid of unwanted insects. If all of these methods fail, contact a professional disinfection company.


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